Lenz Gschwendtner

2 minute read

We had an awesome group of people in the room yesterday and worked through the general concept of how having a solid understanding and messaging around our core believes helps to build a loyal customer base. We talked about how to find and define a “why” for our businesses and how important it is to stick to it. We talked about a few interesting examples like Apple, Google and Microsoft and tried to analyse their messaging.

In the afternoon we looked at the Business Model Canvas a bit more and did a few examples on how to put down an initial idea onto a canvas, then add a constraint and see how the canvas changes. The examples we used was a small owner/operator cafe and morphed it into a canvas for Starbucks. We will use the canvas in future workshops extensively and will use it a lot to explore alternative business models, how ever alien they may feel. All those mental exercises will strengthen the creativity in discovering new models and help find areas in existing businesses that are non-obvious and could lead to a more resilient business over time.

Everyone then worked on their own business model canvas and we came up with the constraint that your primary customer should receive their value proposition for free. We then worked through the canvas to see how this changed some aspects on the business but did not touch others. The results were awesome and I was very excited to see that everyone found an angle how that could actually work for them.

We have put the slides up on speaker deck for those that want to have a look at them again to remind them on what we’ve been talking about: August slides