Startup Weekend Nelson 2016

Startup Weekend Nelson 2016 was an amazing success. 9 teams went through an incredible journey, read about their story.

Lenz Gschwendtner

2 minute read

Startup Weekend is always a crazy ride of emotions, intensive learning and lack of sleep. The last Nelson one was no different and it was another incredible experience for me. I have done more than 20 Startup Weekends by now and one would think I get used to the awesome energy and enthusiasm but to be honest every weekend is a new experience and every Startup Weekend I learn a lot from all the people involved in making this event so awesome.

There are a few new elements we tried out this time around, one was the greeting part at the very start. At the He Tangata Weekend we had Jeremy Banks to provide the cultural aspect of the weekend and he started out with everyone getting a chance to say who they are, where they are from and why they are here. We took that and were fortunate that Sacha MacDonald explained the idea to us and started us off to an awesome weekend.

Here are a few impressions of the weekend

intro round
Innovate welcoming everyone
evening, day 1
working hard
products for kids are developed here
sticky notes everywhere ...

The pitches were amazing, it always blows me away how the teams progress from the first 1 minute pitch on Friday, then the first pitch practice on Saturday night, when most of them are grateful that there is one more day to work out all those holes they just found in their business, to Sunday night.

Even though everyone won lots on this weekend the judges decided that a novel baby monitor from the NapNanny team was the standout. In fact, they have already started their kickstarter campaign and plan to launch the device for real - we will report progress here.